Tumacacori National Historic Park, Mission. Photo of mission arch with dome collage.

Tumacacori National Historic Park

Tumacacori Mission is located near Tubac, Arizona.  Photo of altar arch with dome collage.  Note the "S" shaped bricks made by the Native Americans. They mined limestone to make the plaster.

Photo of red sky over Korean War Memorial Overcast sky caused red reflection of city lights

Red Sky Over Korean War Memorial

Photo of Korean War Memorial National Monument with red sky resulting from city lights reflecting back from overcast skies.  Note the stressful looks on the faces of the statues.

National Cathedral photo with gothic arches and ribbed vaulted ceilings

National Cathedral Gothic Arches

Black and white photo of vaulted ceilings in the National Cathedral. Gothic arches continue to the window in the back.

Gothic arches and ribbed vaults in the National Cathedral leading to window in the distance

Gothic Arches in National Cathedral

Photo of gothic arches and ribbed vaults in the National Cathedral, leading to the windows in the distance.

Photo of flying buttresses at National Cathedral taken through the leaded glass window.

Flying Buttresses at National Cathedral

This photo showing the flying buttresses at the National Cathedral was taken through a leaded glass window.