About these landscape photos

Slow pan of Willow Lake, Mogollon Rim, Arizona gives impressionist or abstract feeling to the photo

Willow Lake, Mogollon Rim

This photo of Willow Lake was taken with a 10 stop ND filter on a bright afternoon in order to slowly pan the lake, creating an abstract effect.

Willow Lake Mogollon Rim Arizona  Blue Lake and blue sky with pine trees and rocks in the foreground

Willow Lake, Mogollon Rim

This photo was taken on a bright afternoon using a 10 stop ND filter.  Willow Lake is found in the Mogollon Rim in Arizona .

Walnut Canyon National Monument Arizona rock formations blue sky

Walnut Canyon National Monument, Arizona

Walnut Canyon is an historic area set in the mountains of Arizona containing pre-Columbian ruins left by the Sinagua people and beautiful rock formations such as this one which seems to be reaching to the sky.

Tonto Natural Bridge

Tonto Natural Bridge is considered the largest natural travertine bridge in the world

Tonto Natural Bridge is considered to be the largest natural travertine bridge in the world.  After a rain the vegetation looks happy and the puddle on the floor is reflecting the sky from the other side of the bridge. This is an HDR photo which brings out all the highlights and lowlights of the photo.

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Walnut Canyon National Monument, monolith leaning on rock formation

This monolithic rock is leaning precariously on the edge.  This photo is taken on the path in Walnut Canyon.

Grand Canyon Sleet

Grand Canyon, snow, tree with sleet, blue hour

This photo took place along the rim just after it snowed and sleeted.  The photo was taken during the blue hour just after the sun went down.

Saguaro staves arch over young saguaros in Arizona desert in Estrella Mountains

Saguaro Generations Photo

This photo depicts a dying saguaro with its staves arching over newer saguaros in the background, all against a cloud studded blue sky in the Estrella Mountains in Arizona.

Oak Creek near Sedona, Arizona shows yellow from lichen on rocks in creek with water falls

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Oak Creek is a destination near Sedona, Arizona.  The creek runs all year.  This part of Oak Creek has yellow lichen which made the water and rocks glow yellow. 

Mogollon Rim photo shows mountain ranges in the distance with smoke from hew fire

Mogollon Rim, Arizona

This photo shows the mountain ranges between the Mogollon Rim and Payson, Arizona as the sun was going down.  You can see the smoke of a new fire starting in the mountains, causing the smoke layer in the sky to be yellowed by the sun.

Grand Canyon Indian Gardens

This photo taken from behind the El Tovar Lodge in the Grand Canyon shows the Indian Gardens in the distance on this cloudy day. 

Grand Canyon Sunbeams

Just before sunset these sunbeams shown through the smallest opening in the clouds highlighting the Colorado River below.

Grand Canyon Cloudy Day

As the sun was going down at the Grand Canyon, I took this photo when the sun peaked under the clouds to the left to just barely highlight the rocks.

Photo of Bryce Canyon Sunset Point with fog delineating the rows of rock formations

Bryce Canyon, Sunset Point in Fog

This photo of fog layers in between these stands of rocks  in Bryce Canyon which look like individual monoliths angling back and forth, leading your eye through the distance.

Photo of Bristlecone Pine at Bryce Canyon Sunset Point with snow and fog

Bristlecone Pine at Bryce Canyon Sunset Point

This photo is of a bristlecone pine on the edge of Sunset Point at Bryce Canyon where it looks so desolate and lonely surrounded by snow and fog.

Grand Canyon sunbeams and Colorado River

Grand Canyon Sunbeams

Highlighting on the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River with sunbeams shining through the clouds.